Embracing Change with Courage

visual representation of embracing change with courage

Change is difficult. Trying new things is difficult. Living outside of your comfort zone is anxiety inducing and difficult. Setting boundaries is difficult. Staying the same is difficult because of the frustrations that come with it. We already know that life is a journey and the quality of that journey is dependent on the choices you make. What if, embracing change was the cheat code to living your most authentic and enjoyable life?

Overcoming the Fear of Change

The life journey is one about discovery. We don’t know what we don’t know, until we do know what we didn’t know. With our new acquired knowledge, we make different choices which influences our quality of life. The fascinating thing about the whole process is that we often fear the change so much that it can sometimes become paralysing. When we choose courage and face the fear anyway, most of us end up saying something along these lines ” it wasn’t so bad after all”. Further confirming that the level of fear we feel about trying new things is hardly about the new thing at all, its more to do with our attitude towards the change. So what causes us to hold so much fear and anxiety in our minds when it comes to change? Naturally we fear the unknown. It’s our subconscious way of keeping us safe from the big bad world. The information we feed our subconscious on a daily basis also feed into this, which is why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people who have failed at one or three things in life but have not seen themselves as failures. Mindset is everything.

The Art of Prioritising Self-Care while Embracing Change

A way to minimise the amount of fear surrounding a change you would like to make is understanding the journey that is about to unfold. Having information on what to expect is a great way to manage anxiety. This is because getting the knowledge upfront, will dispel any stories you may tell yourself that are not entirely true. We tell ourselves stories about outcomes based on passed experiences, unhealed fears and triggers. The more information you gather about what to expect, the more you can prepare yourself in advance. This preparation is a form of self-care. This preparation lets you know what’s coming and gives you the opportunity to examine how you feel about the upcoming event. Let’s use an example. Say you have always wanted to solo travel but the idea of living in a shared dorm in hostels with strangers, though affordable, has always put you off fulfilling this desire. The affordability is the main reason why this seems like a viable option, so you decide to look into it. Only to discover that you can still live in a hostel at affordable prices and don’t have to share a room.

Finding Strength in Discomfort

Doing the research about whatever it is you want to get into doesn’t mean that you will miraculously be cured. It will lessen the unknown. But, it won’t be that magic potion we all hope to find. You will still feel the fear. In those moments, you have to feel the fear and do it anyway. There is no version of reality where overcoming something you haven’t done before comes without discomfort. With shaking legs, take baby steps in the direction you want to be headed in. Cry, scream, take frequent breaks if you need to. Whatever you do just keep moving towards the goal. Staying in the comfort zone is a sure way to know that you are not embracing change at all. Isn’t it better to live a life of adventure than one of regret?

Your wildest dreams can come to life, if you choose courage over fear. Believe in yourself and give yourself grace. You got this, if you believe you do and I know you got this! I believe in you. Here is a really awesome talk that I think will help us all on this journey of embracing change with courage and optimism.